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Safety on the New Forest roads

The Beaulieu Road pony sales yard is located on the Lyndhurst to Beaulieu road (B3056), approximately 3 miles from Lyndhurst.
The sales are famous throughout the equestrian community and the sale yard has recently undergone a complete refurbishment, in order to bring it in to line with more strict government health, safety and animal welfare regulations.

Originally, New Forest pony sales were held in Lyndhurst itself and have been happening on a regular basis for around a century.
But when the mainline railway was built to carry passengers from London to places as far east as Dorchester, the sale yard was relocated to the then new Beaulieu Road station. Transportation of the livestock was simplified, changing from road to rail, and the sale yard had found its permanent location.
Nowadays of course, ponies and cattle are transported by road more than rail, but the Beaulieu Road sale yard still holds the perfect location, in the very centre of the New Forest.

The biggest pony sales occur late in the year. Between late summer and early winter, all the New Forest ponies are rounded up by Agisters and commoners in ‘drifts‘, and are taken off the Open Forest. After a drift, all animals are counted for and health checks and any necessary treatments are given. The following pony sales then give the animal’s owners the chance to sell their livestock, or to purchase more.
Equally importantly, the sales are major social events in the equestrian calendar and provide the perfect opportunity for pony owners and enthusiasts to get together.

Opposite the Beaulieu Road sale yard is the Beaulieu Hotel and pub, while the tall pine trees and grassy lawns adjacent to the sale yard make a great spot for a relaxing picnic, on non-sale days!

If you happen to be passing the yard when a sale is happening, take a minute to stop and experience a true taste (and smell!) of New Forest life.

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