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Cycling In The New Forest

Cycling In The New Forest

The New Forest is an excellent place to stay in a holiday cottage while exploring the vast area on your bike, and it is ideal for both casual cyclists and those looking to participate in an event or a sport.

Many travelers choose to leave their cars at home, while others only use them to get to the New Forest and transport their bikes and other essentials. Some are even taking public transportation. The national rail network connects the New Forest to all significant towns and cities in the south.


Cycling Trails in the New Forest

Whether you are cycling through the Ancient and Ornamental Woodlands or across open heathland with spectacular views, you will be breathing in the Forest’s unique atmosphere and fresh air.

Following are some of the marked cycling trails in the New Forest:

  • Hawkhill Trail

This bike path is completely free of roads and traffic. The ride starts at Round Hill Campsite, which is close to Beaulieu Cottages. This bike trail goes through some of the most exciting features of Beaulieu Airfield, including some evident relics from the Second World War.

The trail also passes through some lovely deep forest areas. It also includes Denny Wood, New Copse Railway Cottage, and the haunting Beaulieu airfield.

The Beaulieu area is primarily wooded and resembles the best of the New Forest in its beauty. It is ideal for hot days because so much of the ride is shaded. It’s a little long for beginners but utterly worth the extra effort.


Ride along the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, one of the New Forest’s must-see attractions, to see the National Park’s tallest and most ornate trees. This route begins in Brockenhurst and includes a deer sanctuary, the Rhinefield House Hotel, a Ford, and Black Knoll.

The path takes you through a section of the National Park that is rich in natural beauty. The trail is mainly graveled off-road byways with spectacular views of the New Forest’s unique landscapes.

It’s well-shaded for summer riding, and it’s mostly flat. The cycle trail has a local transport hub with plenty of restaurants and pubs to imbibe some local ales in, as well as plenty of places to stock up for a picnic during the ride.


Burley is a lovely Underhill village on the New Forest’s western edge. The Lucy Hill Car Park serves as the starting point for this circular route. Blackwater, Burley Old Enclosure, Cockroad Hill, and Dames Slough Enclosure are all on the course.

The variety of tree and bird species along this trail is reason enough to take your time and enjoy the peace of the countryside. On your way through, keep an eye out for forest ponies.


Burley is an excellent place to stock up on supplies, and the village center has some inviting pubs and eateries. The bike trail is heavily wooded and has some elevation, providing spectacular views of the New Forest at its best. Burley is a beautiful place to stay.


  • Lepe and Exbury Loop

This pleasant circular trail begins in Lepe’s Inchberry Lane and travels through Exbury, Mope Farm, East End Farm, Langley, and Badminton. The majority of the path is on minor country roads.

This cycling route is ideal for exploring a quieter, less-visited area of the New Forest. As you ride along the beautiful English country lanes, you will pass through light woodlands, farmland, and big sky country. Bring a picnic lunch because there are not many amenities along this trail.


  • Fritham Woodland Ride

This figure-of-eight-shaped cycle trail is located in the New Forest’s northern region. This ride has some long stretches of uphill riding, but the scenery is well worth the effort.

King Garn’s Gutter, Salisbury Trench, and the Coppice of Linwood are all part of the trail. The Forestry Commission manages coniferous trees in the Gorley and Linwood area.

It is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences for a cyclist!

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