Rufus Stone satellite view

Use this Rufus Stone satellite view to explore the area from above. Zoom out for a bigger view of the area, or travel further afield and see the rest of the National Park and beyond.

Note: The actual Rufus Stone isn't visible but it is centre of the image, at the point where the two narrow tracks converge and meet the oak tree. The Stone is just hidden by the tree.

If you need any guidance using the map, just follow the simple instructions in the column on the right.

[Please remember that this map is hosted by an external server, so I have no control over its functions, download times, how fast the page opens fully etc.etc...]


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How to use the map

The satellite map should load centred over Rufus Stone.

To move the map: Left click anywhere on the image, hold and drag the cursor in any direction or use the 4 circled arrows in the map controls.

Zoom in/out: Use the + & - magnifying glass icons in the map controls, use your mouse scrollwheel, or double click on the map (to zoom in).

To see/hide place and street names: Click the 'Labels' link in the map controls.

To view in 'road map' style: Click the 'Road' link in the controls.

To return to aerial photo: Click the 'Aerial' link in the controls.

Bird's Eye view: Certain areas are covered in more detail and can be viewed from 4 different directions. When you are over such areas, the 'Bird's eye' link will appear to the right of the 'Aerial' link in the control box.