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Best Hiking Trails In The New Forest

Best Hiking Trails In The New Forest

Although it was named the New Forest, it is neither new nor a forest. In 1079 the region was declared a royal hunting reserve by William the Conqueror. The landscape is more heathland than adjacent woodland, and the word forest descends from Old French for hunting ground.’The site houses a wide range of woodland consisting of both native and non-native trees. Here is a list of some of the best hikes in the New Forest.


It is located in the New Forest along the Ornamental drive and offers visitors the opportunity to have the best views of deer, so bring your cameras along for great pictures; the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary is the best place for them. The sanctuary has a large picnic area and three trails in the area, accessible by wheelchair users. In addition to the deer viewing platform, there is also an expansive grassy area just by the car park suitable for games such as football, cricket, and rounders. Visitors are allowed to bring their dogs and have toilet facilities available for use.


Scattered amongst oaks is Denny wood, a peaceful grassland that offers visitors the opportunity to explore the pleasures of the natural surroundings in the New Forest. There is also the choice of cycling to nearby villages for extra fun and relaxation. The available facilities are chemical toilets and drinking taps. Trailers, caravans, and 170 pitches cover tents are also available; dogs are prohibited here.


The 50-meter tall redwoods and towering Douglas firs, a mixture of large rhododendrons and azaleas planted by the Victorians in the 1850’s line the narrow road of the Rhinefield Ornamental drive the sight delights visitors on every visit. The rhododendrons are in full flourishing in late May or early June, hence the best time to walk this trail


The walk’s starting point is the village of Keyhaven and then follows the sea wall to the southwest before turning to the southeast along the narrow shingle spit to Hurst castle-one of the most iconic landmarks built between 1538-1540 by Henry VII. Once you get to the castle, don’t hesitate to explore and take in the sights. There are also beautiful views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight throughout this walk. Around the off-shore salt marshes, there is the presence of abundant birdlife.

Burley Village

The village is situated on the lee of a hill surrounded by sturdy oaks and lofty pines. It offers unparalleled entrance to some of the best cycling and walking routes. An additional incentive is the cycle hire shop in the village center. The village is renowned for its tea rooms, gift shops, art galleries, and a Pick Your Own Farm; it allows visitors to enjoy its tranquil simplicity steeped in old customs and history. The presence of grazing ponies, donkeys, and cattle adds to the striking views of the park. Don’t forget to explore the twelve apostles, the naked man (Wilverley Oak), and the miracle trees-these are specially named trees in Burley village.


It is a 9.3-kilometer loop trail near Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England, which takes visitors through a blend of the forested pin and ancient and ornamental woodland. It then passes the Canadian War Memorial-a wooden roadside built-in memory of Canadian soldiers and airmen posted in the New Forest during World War II. This fun walk offers visitors varied scenery, ranging from forest to grassy paths to streams, with the possibility of horse sightings. Remember to make a quick stop at the Acres Down Farm and have a taste of one of the best-served cream teas in the land.


Lyndhurst has been a popular visiting site for Kings and queens residing at the Royal Manorsince it is the capital of the New Forest. The trail goes through one of the most photographed locations in the NewForest, the picturesque thatched cottages of Swan Green. This walk is best for people interested in an extended adventure without much elevation gain. It features an excellent selection of cozy tea rooms, cafes, restaurants, traditional pubs, and an ice cream parlor.


Fritham is a small village and civil parish of Bramshaw located in Hampshire, England; It is famous for its proximity to the well-known Royal Oak pub and the Eyeworth Pond. The 2.5 miles walk features a large plateau f grassy heathland and fine views of the surrounding forest.



Brockenhurst has been named England’s most beautiful village, and it can be said that no trip is complete without a visit to Brockenhurst. This trail 15.6-kilometer loop trailfeatures a riverandisratedas moderate.

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful cafes and stock up on drinks and snacks as well as the Rhinefield Arboretum.


Solent way is a 97-kilometer trail starting from Milford-on-sea and ending at Emsworth Harbour, passing through the Hampshire countryside, Solent strait, and the Isle of Wight. It is one of the most stunning trails in Hampshire; the Solent Way is great to walk all year round, ranging from the summer, where you can see the sunset, to the colder months/winter when the seas are very lively. This trail will take you through the New Forest, Portsmouth, and Southampton featuring quaint fishing villages, marshland, yacht marinas, and saltings. Attractions nearby include Lymington, Hurst Castle, Isle of Wight, Spinnaker Tower, Beaulieu NationalMotor Museum, and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.