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Is New Forest A Nice Place To Live?

Is New Forest A Nice Place To Live? Can I Live There?

Ponies, donkeys, calves, and pigs are just some of the animals that are known to be found roaming freely across the New Forest National Park’s old forest and heathland habitat.

The New Forest, which had been used by William the Conqueror as a new hunting ground for the better part of a millennium, was designated a national park in the year 2005.

It has a population of around 180,00 people and spans a total area of 220 square miles.

The Forest, as it is referred to by the locals, is an oasis of tranquility.

It provides a welcome relief from the frantic contemporary lifestyles that so many of us live, which is why it is so popular with people wanting to relocate away from bustling metropolitan lives and those who own second homes as a means to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

This article serves as a resource for property finders interested in purchasing a home in the New Forest.

Being a New Forest Resident

The New Forest is a wonderful place for families, retirees, and even commuters – the travel time from Brockenhurst to London is approximately one hour and forty minutes. Although the New Forest is a popular destination for vacationers and people searching for second homes, it is not only for those on vacation.

Those who make their homes in the New Forest have access to an amazing way of life.

There are a variety of watersports available along the coast for those who enjoy being active. Sailing is particularly popular from Lymington, but other options include kayaking, paddle boarding, and more.

Whether you choose to travel on horseback, a bicycle, or on foot, there are miles worth of bridleways, cycling routes, and tiny alleys for you to discover and get off the beaten road.

A wide variety of ecosystems, including heathland and forest, bogs and salt marshes, coastal and river habitats, and more, make this region a paradise for anybody who is interested in nature and wildlife.

Foodies will be overjoyed by the variety and quality of the locally produced artisan foods available in the area’s farm stores, restaurants, and pubs.

The New Forest is home to a number of towns and villages.

While extensive swaths of protected heathland and woodland exist inside the New Forest, as well as a landscape that has altered little over the course of many centuries, there are still vibrant villages and settlements located within the forest.


With a population of 15,000, Lymington is the most populous of these towns and is located on the south coast. The municipality is usually placed towards the top of lists that rank the finest places to live.The Streets of Lymington

Located in a prime location between the Solent and the Forest, this town boasts a beautiful, broad Georgian high street that is lined with quaint shops and cozy cafés.

The marina and the boat builders may be found at the bottom of the winding channels.

Many people consider this area to be the center of Lymington and consider it to be a sailing paradise. Yet Lymington isn’t only for those who sail; families migrate there because of the town’s desirable way of life, with the New Forest just outside their door, the shore offering a variety of watersports, and a first-rate preparatory school in the form of Walhampton School.

The real estate market in Lymington is seeing strong demand.

One of the most popular neighborhoods is the one to the south of High Street, which is comprised of unique streets and is conveniently located within walking distance of both the marinas and the stores.

The western suburbs, such as Pennington, typically provide better prices and more peaceful environments than the eastern suburbs.

The surrounding countryside is home to a number of stunning examples of rural real estate, with some of the most remarkable examples located along the coast to the east, on roads and lanes with names like Lisle Court Road and Sowley Lane.

Consider visiting Milford-on-Sea if you are interested in visiting Lymington’s attractions, such as the shore, the countryside, and sailing, but are searching for a more affordable option.


The huge settlement that is Brockenhurst may be found right in the middle of the New Forest’s southern section. Streets of Brockenhurst

The settlement has all the hallmarks of the New Forest, including a creek that cuts through the middle and is spanned by a Ford.

Animals are allowed to roam freely throughout the streets, and it is not unusual to spot one of them drinking from the Ford or ambling past the Post Office that is located on the high street.

Despite its size, Brockenhurst is a charming community that offers a variety of convenient amenities.

Because of its proximity to a railway station, it is frequently chosen by those who require transportation to London.

From Brockenhurst, some trains depart immediately for London Waterloo.

The Times’ selection of the best places to live in the South East in 2020 included Brockenhurst as one of the finalists.

From traditional to contemporary and from red brick to thatched cottage, the hamlet is home to a wide variety of architectural designs for residential buildings, which contributes to its endearing character.

Meerut Road and North Weirs provide the best access to the open Forest as well as the best views of the area.

The New Forest is home to a large number of little hamlets, towns, and residences that are hidden away in various parts of the forest; some of them may be located via unmade roads, which you simply wouldn’t find unless you knew they were there.

It is possible to find properties that offer total seclusion, peace and quiet.

Prices of Real Estate in the New Forest

Due to the fact that the New Forest is such a desirable location for a wide variety of people, including families, retirees, and those looking for a second home, the prices there are significantly higher than in the places that are nearby.

Those whose employment circumstances have changed and who would like to take advantage of a better life-work balance may want to consider moving to the New Forest. This is an intriguing alternative.

This contrasts well with individuals migrating from London, where the average price of a three-bedroom home in Fulham, for example, is £1.1 million. The average price of a property in the New Forest is roughly 600,000 pounds.

There are a few different pricing points throughout the Forest.

Because of its closeness to both the shore and the train line, the southern half of the territory is often densely inhabited and more expensive than the northern half.

While the northern half of the island is more peaceful and offers better value, the southern half is more visually appealing and is not the best option for those who are looking for a sense of isolation and tranquility.

The New Forest’s Top-Secret Locations Revealed

A red-haired girl walking in the streets

Visit the New Forest in the fall time if you are interested in seeing pannage, sometimes known as wild pigs.

Pigs, around 600 in number, are let loose in the New Forest to consume the fallen acorns, beech mast, chestnuts, and other nuts that lie on the forest floor. These nuts are harmful to New Forest horses and cattle because they contain cyanide.

The practice of pannage may be traced back to the time of William the Conqueror.

There are several warm and inviting pubs to choose from in the New Forest.

The Royal Oak in Fritham is adorable and endearing, and it is regarded as one of the top establishments because of its two log fireplaces. Smugglers frequently convened there in days gone by, making it a popular gathering spot.

Investing in Real Estate in the New Forest

Moving to the New Forest is attractive for a variety of different reasons, and one of those is its natural beauty.

Whether you are searching for a rural house that gives the flexibility to occasionally commute or a second home in the country where you can wake up and stare out into un-spoilt heathland, woods, or even out to sea – there are many different sorts of homes available in varying locations and reasons for buying a home in the New Forest. 

The New Forest is located in southeastern England and encompasses an area that is about the size of Delaware.

Because people who live in the New Forest don’t move very often, the area’s most desired properties are seldom put up for sale. Because of this, it might be helpful to have someone knowledgeable about the local real estate market on your side.

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The New Forest is a beautiful and peaceful place to live. With its stunning natural scenery, abundant wildlife, and diverse recreational opportunities, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this area home. 

The region offers a unique blend of countryside living with easy access to the coast and major cities. The community is friendly and welcoming, with a strong sense of community spirit and a wide range of local amenities.

However, like any place, there are also some drawbacks to living in the New Forest. The cost of living can be relatively high, and job opportunities may be limited in certain areas. Additionally, the popularity of the region as a tourist destination can lead to some congestion and traffic during peak season.

Overall, if you’re looking for a peaceful and picturesque place to live, with access to nature and a strong sense of community, the New Forest is certainly worth considering.