What New Forest Residents Can Do To Be Greener

What New Forest Residents Can Do To Be Greener & More Eco-Friendly

Everyone is looking for ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint. It’s been a brutal year for signs of climate change here in the UK and we haven’t even seen the worst that August has to offer yet. There have been heatwaves, major rainstorms, and some truly scary stories from around the world. The government’s policies have been coming in for severe criticism and it can seem like there’s nothing that you can do in the face of such a massive issue. But, to use a cliché, every little helps and the changes that you make will have an impact.

Given the rich heritage and ecological significance of the New Forest, its residents have a special responsibility to protect and preserve this unique environment. Here are some tailored suggestions for New Forest homeowners to make their abodes more sustainable.

Take Recycling Seriously

Recycling is a given, but in an area as pristine as the New Forest, the approach to waste should go a step further. Reuse and repurpose materials where possible, and donate still-functioning electronics to local charity shops.

You could also think about doing more with your food waste. Food waste is a massive issue in the UK, and you can start doing your bit by making sure that you get smarter with what you’re using. Freeze what you know you’re not going to eat and batch-cook instead of throwing away leftovers. Composting is particularly apt for the New Forest area; it not only reduces food waste but can also enrich local soil, supporting the diverse flora of the region. Food waste can be converted into an organic soil mix for your garden, which means less need to buy pre-packaged stuff!

What New Forest Residents Can Do To Be Greener
What New Forest Residents Can Do To Be Greener

Look For Insulation Boosts

Consider eco-friendly insulation materials. Using wool or cellulose can be both effective and sustainable, reducing the impact on the forest’s ecosystem.. Classic insulation problem areas include your windows (so take a look at those frames), doors (draft excluders are your friend), exterior walls and attics, and floors. Double glazing makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping energy in your home, and so do thicker curtains. It may be a great time for you to invest in some new flooring. Flooring fitters can talk to you about the best options for insulating your home. If you’re looking for flooring fitters near you, head over to MyBuilder. You can post your job view bids from flooring fitters in the UK, and check their reviews to see what people are saying. 

Invest In Low Energy Appliances

No one is looking to spend a lot of money on new appliances at the moment. But outdated machines that are no longer doing their job properly may actually be costing you more in the long run. For example, it just doesn’t make sense to cling to an old washer-dryer if you have to put wet clothes on for twice as long. New appliances are more likely to have a better energy efficiency rating. Look for anything that has an A+++ and you’ll know that you won’t have to worry about the amount of waste it’s causing. Given the New Forest’s unique ecosystem, consider devices with a minimal ecological footprint.

Can You Do More With Renewable Energy

What New Forest Residents Can Do To Be Greener with Renewable Energy. Sometimes it can feel like your options are limited when it comes to changing your energy usage. There have been enough horror stories about people force-fitting smart metres, for example, that have made a lot of people feel powerless. But there are choices that you can make to go more renewable. Solar panels continue to be more and more popular as we all look to bring our energy bills down, and they are a much greener alternative. While solar panels are an excellent green energy source, they might disrupt the aesthetic and ecology of the New Forest if not installed thoughtfully. You could also look into ground-source heat pumps and air-source heat pumps, biomass boilers and more. This is an area where you may have to educate yourself to get to the point where you’re comfortable using them, but there’s no arguing with the results. 

Don’t Forget The Little Things

The New Forest is a testament to centuries of preservation. Honour this by adopting small, yet impactful habits. For example, turning off your appliances when you’re no longer using them. Switching the lights off when you leave the room. And without wanting to tell you to turn in your parents, being careful with the thermostat so you’re not heating rooms unnecessarily can help you to be more eco-friendly.


Remember, living in the New Forest offers an opportunity to lead by example in sustainable living. Embrace practices that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also uphold the integrity and beauty of this cherished national park.

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