Pubs and Microbreweries

Don't Miss These 6 Pubs and Microbreweries in and Around the New Forest

Embarking on a delightful escapade exploring the captivating pubs and microbreweries in and around the New Forest is every beer enthusiast’s dream come true. 

This treasured region presents a stunning landscape, which serves as home to some of the most authentic and charming establishments offering local beverages, scrumptious food, and an unforgettable ambiance. 

But before discussing these hidden gems, have you ever thought about brewing your own beer?

Pubs and Microbreweries
Pubs and Microbreweries

Learning How to Brew Your Own Beer

Ever thought about elevating your beer obsession by learning to brew your very own? Trust me, it’s an amazing journey full of creativity and scientific precision. Plus, it lets you truly embrace the art that lies behind every fantastic pint.

You can even explore advanced brewing techniques like the process of dry hopping – adding hops during fermentation to unleash those alluring aromas and irresistible flavors in your creations. Mastering these skills not only deepens your love for beer but also engrosses you in the exciting world of recipe testing and sharing your catchy concoctions with friends.

So, why not dive headfirst into the enthralling domain of home brewing? Who knows – you might just whip up the drink that’ll make you proud and leave everyone asking for more!

Top Pubs and Microbreweries in and Around the New Forest

The Foresters Arms

The Foresters Arms in Frogham captures the essence of what a cozy countryside watering hole should be like. With its charming thatched roof and outdoor garden seating, it should be among the most beautiful spots in the New Forest

What makes it truly special is its fantastic collection of real ales; they’re known for showcasing locally brewed beverages, and you can always expect to discover something new every time you visit. 

So, if you’re all about the perfect blend of relaxation, warmth, and great beer in an enchanting setting, don’t miss out on this hidden gem!

The Snakecatcher

This lively pub is a favorite among both locals and visitors, thanks to its welcoming atmosphere and an excellent range of local drinks. 

It’s not just the refreshing ales that entice people; the delicious food menu and energetic live music events make it an entertaining destination for all ages. 

Whether you’re a devoted beer enthusiast or simply looking to make memorable moments with friends, The Snakecatcher has something for everyone.

Ringwood Brewery

Ringwood Brewery is one of New Forest’s attractions and a must-visit spot for beer aficionados venturing around the New Forest. This microbrewery offers more than just flavorful brews – it provides an educational experience too! 

You can embark on informative tours where you’ll learn all about their brewing process and equipment, giving you insights into their secrets to a perfect pint. Of course, the real treat awaits in the guided tasting sessions that follow; sampling their unique creations will have your taste buds dancing with excitement. 

So whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just curious about how it’s made, Ringwood Brewery is an intriguing and enjoyable pit stop on any New Forest adventure.

Refilling a Glass of Bear 6 Pubs and Microbreweries
Refilling a Glass of Bear 6 Pubs and Microbreweries

The Filly Inn

The Filly Inn near Brockenhurst is a delightful pub that strikes a beautiful balance between modern style and rustic charm. Nestled among the scenic New Forest landscape, this friendly establishment offers an ever-changing selection of local beers for you to savor. 

But it’s not just the brews that’ll keep you coming back – the mouthwatering menu has earned rave reviews from many satisfied customers! 

With its blend of delicious food, thirst-quenching ales, and relaxed surroundings, The Filly Inn is definitely worth checking out on your journey. So why wait? Pop in for a pint or two and experience it for yourself!

The Oak Inn

This quintessential country pub is the perfect spot for a well-deserved break after exploring the great outdoors. Set in a beautiful, tranquil setting, this traditional pub prides itself on using locally sourced produce and ingredients to serve up mouth-watering dishes to hungry visitors. 

Alongside the tasty menu, they offer an impressive range of quality real ales from local breweries to quench your thirst. Pop into The Oak Inn for a warm welcome, hearty food, and refreshing drinks; it truly embodies the New Forest’s inviting spirit!

Don't Miss These 6 Pubs and Microbreweries
Don’t Miss These 6 Pubs and Microbreweries

The Red Shoot Inn

The Red Shoot Inn is a cozy family-run pub located right in the heart of the stunning New Forest. It’s not just the scenic surroundings that make this place special – it’s also the warm ambiance and friendly service that draw people in. 

They serve up some seriously delicious homemade food, making it an ideal stop for a satisfying meal. 

But let’s not forget about their incredible selection of locally brewed ales! Boasting its own on-site microbrewery, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an exceptional pint every time you visit. So next time you’re exploring the New Forest, treat yourself to a delightful experience at The Red Shoot Inn!

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on the best pubs and microbreweries in and around the beautiful New Forest, it’s high time you set off on your very own beer-tasting escapade. So gather your friends, indulge your senses, and create unforgettable memories as you sip your way through these charming establishments.


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