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National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

The National Motor Museum, founded in 1952, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hampshire County. This museum, located in the tiny village of Beaulieu, has an extensive collection of automobiles, films, books, journals, and photographs.

James Bond vehicles and World of Top Gear exhibits are well-known. On the premises, you will be able to see some of the oldest motor carriages as well as popular F1 cars. One of the best things to do in Hampshire is to take a guided tour.

The Challenge Gallery houses all of the battered, modified, and ruined cars by the famous Top Gear trio. All vehicles featured in your favorite episodes will be found in the same condition they were left in after filming.

Additional attractions include a rally-car simulator ride, restaurant, playground, and a substantial portion of the Palace House and grounds, including the partially ruined Beaulieu Abbey, round out the day’s activities. Let us explore some of the main attractions.

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Palace House

The Palace House is located in the New Forest, overlooking the beautiful Beaulieu River. It was renovated and expanded in the 19th century and is now a prime example of a Victorian country house. Inside, the historic church lends a stunning Gothic style to the whimsical home, adorned with family treasures, stories, portraits, and memorabilia.

Grounds and Gardens

Another wonderful Beaulieu attraction not to be missed is a stroll through the tranquil grounds of Beaulieu. With numerous beautifully maintained gardens and topiary around every corner, it is worth a full day of exploration.

Take a stroll through the Victorian Flower Garden for bursts of colorful flora and flowers, as well as a romantic stroll alongside old garden roses, or inhale the delicious aromas of freshly grown herbs in the restored Victorian Kitchen Garden, which still supplies Palace House with seasonal vegetables and fruit. Paths meander past ancient oak trees and along the tidal Beaulieu River or enter the Wilderness Garden, which is adored between March and April for its carpets of bluebells, snowdrops, and daffodils, not to mention the abundance of wildlife and birdlife.


Little Beaulieu 

Little Beaulieu is a great place for kids to explore. Climb the wooden replica of the palace house, and uncover the secret corridors. There’s an adventure on every corner. The parents enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the comfortable café while the kids wear out! Unleash your imagination at Little Beaulieu, and witness the beautiful new Beaulieu playground. The great new play area is an excellent place for kids to explore.

Beaulieu Abbey

In the quietest place in Beaulieu, a 12th-century monastery, you can learn about the life of a Cistercian monk and how Beaulieu appears in this monastery today. This 800-year-old monastery was founded by King John in the 13th century and destroyed by Henry VIII in 1538.

Thanks to the efforts of the ancestors of the Montauk family and the distant relations ​​of these ancient kings. It has been a preserved abandoned monastery for generations where visitors have enjoyed the tranquility and achievements of medieval architects.

Monorail and Veteran Bus

Ride the Infinity Sky-train to protect your feet and enjoy bird watching in Beaulieu. This mile-long Monorail is the oldest in the UK. Take a stroll through the scenic views of the grounds and gardens before heading straight to the rooftop of the National Automobile Museum. Informative commentary tells the stories behind many of the things you’ll see on your journey. Veterans Bus is a 1912 replica. London bus regularly runs between Bravazon Restaurant and Palace House, offering a seamless, nostalgic ride through the grounds.

Beaulieu’s wartime secret in the Secret Army Exhibition

Learn about Beaulieu’s history as a top-secret training facility for special agents of Operations Agents Executive (SOE) during World War II. More than 3,000 SOE agents received training in the art of darkness warfare in Beaulieu and then performed bold and dangerous missions behind enemy lines. They are all heroes. Many would never return, while others faced suffered torture by the Nazis and their allies.

National Motor Museum is beautifully preserved and creates a fascinating insight into history!