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Burley walk

[The walking suggestions in this web site are merely to show you some nice, fairly short walks within the New Forest National Park, so you can enjoy the Forest at its best. The walks have been completed by me, and follow used walking tracks.
Disclaimer: I cannot and do not take responsibility for you getting lost, bogged down, chased by a pony or suffering any other unfortunate incident or accident while using material from my website!]

The Burley walk is quite short and starts from the eastern edge of Burley village. The first part of the walk runs close to Burley golf course, one of several courses on the Open Forest. You'll get some good views of New Forest heathland on this walk, as well as seeing some Forest wetland areas. A short section of the walk takes you along the dismantled railway line, where steam trains once roared through!
After the walk you can stroll down to the village for a pint in the Queens Head pub, or a cuppa in one of Burley's many tearooms.

Burley walk:

Approx location of Burley within the New Forest National Park

Important update: Regrettably the OS map excerpt previously shown for this walk can no longer be used on this website. The walk is do-able without it, by following the directions and photos outlined below, but please take extra care. If you don't feel confident about trying the walk without the map excerpt, please don't!
My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

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The walk...

From the green 'Burley' car park sign, head away from the road and car park entrance, so the trees are on your right. Either go through the 2 small wooden posts on the left, or head down to the low-level Forestry Commission gate at the end. If you take the first option, bear immediately right onto the sandy track (don't follow the obvious gravel track). Leaving the car park
The sandy track turns to gravel and goes downhill. You'll have open heath on your left and trees on your right. Track goes downhill
The track narrows and returns to grey sand. You'll pass through a thicket of gorse and then back onto open heath, with the valley bottom (Shappen Bottom) on your right.
Update 5/2013: apparently the gorse isn't there any more, possibly due to a previous fire.
Sandy track through gorse bushes
After several hundred metres, you'll see a wooden bridge across Shappen Bottom, down to your right. Don't go down there, but keep to the path you are on - take the right hand fork immediately ahead of you. Take the right hand fork
After a short distance, the path forks again. As before, take the path to the right and continue through the heather. Fork right here
You'll soon join a gravel track and this will take you over an area of wetland and stream. Look out for wildlife here, these areas are a great attraction for animals and birds! Wetland area
Carry on the gravel track and you'll quickly come to the remains of the old railway crossing, with brick walls each side. Turn right here, and start walking along the old railway line. Railway crossing remains
After a few hundred metres along the line you'll see a set of old railway crossing gate posts, by a small clump of trees on the left. There's a definite path down to the right, next to the right-hand gate post. Take this path and leave the railway line. Look for the old gate posts
This narrow gravel path takes you back over the wetland and up through the heather. Keep to the path, it bears slightly left and goes up a small hill (Shappen Hill). Near the top, you'll join a slightly bigger track coming in from the right. Bear left at the top
After a short distance through the heather, the track forks. Take the right hand fork and follow this track. Open heath is on your right, trees on your left. Fork right here
Just stay on this track and follow it down to the area of grassy lawn. As you round the corner at the bottom, you'll see a pair of Forestry Commission cottages ahead of you. Walk down to the grassy lawn area
Keep walking towards the cottages and pick up the main gravel road the runs to them. Head round to the right, and follow the gravel road. Walk right past the cottages
The track joins a narrow tarmac lane. Head right, and just follow the lane uphill until you reach the Burley walk car park at the top, on your right. Follow the lane to the car park


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Explore Burley Walk from above!
Explore Burley Walk from above
, using satellite imagery; get to know the area before you try the walk!


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