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Important: 3 things to note before you start the walk...
1. This walk suggestion must not be taken as any kind of official New Forest walking guide.
2. Walkers using these pages must be responsible for their own safety and awareness.
3. The owner(s)/author of take absolutely no responsibility for anyone following this walk suggestion, or for using any information whatsoever from the website.

Wilverley Inclosure walk is a popular one in the south-west of the New Forest, close to the A35 road. Although the walk is graded, with green and yellow markers, this page will take you on an optional diversion to the Old Station Tea House, where you can stop for a cuppa and a scone.
The walk takes you through plenty of Ancient and Ornamental Woodland, so keep your eyes peeled for deer and other wildlife amongst the trees.

Wilverley walk:

Approx location of Wilverley within the New Forest National Park

Car park location: OS ref. SU253006 -- GPS lat/long: 50.804,-1.640
Approximate distance of this walk: 3 1/2 miles
Allow (time): an hour and a half for the walk, plus cuppa-stoppage time at the Tea House
Nearest pub/s: none too close, just the Old Station Tea House

Important update: Regrettably the OS map excerpt previously shown for this walk can no longer be used on this website. The walk is do-able without it, by following the directions and photos outlined below, but please take extra care. If you don't feel confident about trying the walk without the map excerpt, please don't!
My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

The walk...

Enter Wilverley Inclosure from the car park, through the main 5-bar gate with the 'Scout Camp Access' sign on it. Follow the gravel track straight ahead, ignoring the left turn about 100 metres from the gate.

Just stay on this main track through the trees, ignoring any junctions. There are plenty of wooden benches along the way, should you need a rest already!

After almost a mile or so, you'll come to this point where you have to double-back on yourself to the left. There is a green/yellow walk marker and a cycleroute marker. If you overshoot, there is a wooden marker with 'Scouts' written on it, on the left of the track.

Just for reference... this is the post that you shouldn't be walking past!

Once you've doubled-back, the track goes downhill and levels out at a small crossroads and clearing. There is a wooden bench on the left ( Josephine Collins). You need to take the off to the right, from coming down the hill.

The track takes you down a dip, over a small crossroads and into the pine trees, and then through some dense A & O woodland. It stays narrow and can get a bit boggy in places, especially through denser woodland.

After 500 metres or so, you'll come to a wooden 5-bar gate at the edge of the inclosure. Go through here and turn immediately right.

From coming out the inclosure and facing right, you need to head diagonally down to the left, towards the road. It's a narrow gravel track which takes you under the A35 road bridge.

Follow the track under the bridge and then back away from the road. After 100 metres or so past the bridge, you'll see a small track going into the bushes on the left - directly opposite a telegraph pole. Take that track and head back towards the road. At the fence, there is a style to negotiate.

Once you're over the style, you're on the road and facing the Old Station Tea house - cuppa and scone time!

Now you've had your cuppa, retrace your steps all the way back to the 5-bar gate that you exited the inclosure from, but don't go through. Instead carry on past it and follow the inclosure fence until you come to another 5-bar gate, about 1/4 mile after the first one. Enter the inclosure here.

The path bears round to the left and after a few hundred metres meets up with the path that you were on, before arriving at the first 5-bar inclosure gate.

Where the paths do meet, there is a grassy area with a 'holly bush island'. Turn right here and make you way back down to the wooden bench that you turned right at before.

When you get back to the bench, turn right onto the main gravel track which you previously left. Continue on this track all the way. After half a mile or so, you'll come to a major fork in the track (point 'F' on the map excerpt). Take the left hand route, going uphill. Keep on this track for another half mile or so and you'll come to a T-junction; turn right and you're back at the car park.